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"Every day is a new opportunity to create

 a healthier, fitter you..."

For over a decade, Patricia Whitcas has been helping individuals meet their health and fitness goals and, most importantly, educating clients to make healthier choices that fit into their lives in a very realistic way.

Whether you are a bride-to-be, someone who is struggling with a few extra pounds, you have back pain and/or bad posture, you are a new mother trying to get back into shape, or if you just want to be more toned+tightened, Patricia’s balanced and effective methods will have you feeling leaner, lighter and more fit, with a greater awareness of the positive affects of exercise and proper nutrition.

Patricia is certified as a Personal Trainer, a Lifestyle+Weight Management Consultant, an Anti-Aging Fitness Specialist, as well as a Group Fitness Instructor for Pilates, Spinning and Kickboxing.  She also specializes in training for brides, pre- and post-natal and super-slow weight training

For the last several years, Patricia has been working with the 'Today' show's Al Roker helping him to maintain his newly slimmed-down, healthier-self.  Read about his incredibly motivational and inspiring journey on 'Winning the Weight-Loss Battle for Good' in his new book 'Never Goin' Back' (January 2013).