Excerpts from Al Roker's new book 'Never Goin' Back'

"The truth is, my work with Patricia is the longest relationship I've ever had with a personal trainer, and this is the longest I've ever stayed with a fitness routine.  I may not love it, but I love the results.  I don't think i could go back to any other type of exercise because the slow method is so effective and efficient."

"....Which is why I get along so well with Patricia.  She eats and enjoys food like a normal person. I'm not a machine.  I'm human -- which means I will make mistakes from time to time.  Patricia doesn't beat me up or make me feel bad about myself for being fallible.  While I appreciate her qualifications as a trainer, what keeps me working out with Patricia is the rapport we've built.  You feel vulnerable in the gym and she's someone I've come to trust.  Plus she never lets me get bored and is always full of surprises."







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TV personality Al Roker has written an honest memoir about his struggles with weight loss.
by Craig Wilson, USA TODAY
Published: 12/31/2012 12:01am

Q: And you even like your personal trainer, Patricia? How odd!

A: I like her because she's a real-world person. Very nice. She enjoys food. She understands I'm human, yet she'll slip stuff into the exercises when you're not looking.