Every day is a new opportunity to create a healthier, fitter you

Patricia Whitcas has been helping individuals meet their health + fitness goals for over 20 years.  She strongly emphasizes posture + alignment, eating cleanly + educating clients to help them with making healthy + manageable lifestyle changes.

Whether you are a bride-to-be, someone who is struggling with a few extra pounds, an older person concerned with balance, you have back pain or bad posture, you are a new mother trying to get back into shape, or if you just want to be healthier + toned, Patricia’s balanced + effective methods will have you feeling stronger, leaner + lighter, with a greater awareness of the positive effects of exercise, proper nutrition + a healthy lifestyle.


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"While I appreciate her qualifications as a trainer, what keeps me working out with Patricia is the rapport we've built. You feel vulnerable in the gym and she's someone I've come to trust. Plus she never lets me get bored and is always full of surprises."

Al Roker - excerpt from his book "Never Goin' Back" 2013